Mindfulness and Productivity

Much like everyone else, I struggle with procrastination. Although I still struggle, I have found that there are keys to help aid me in this ancient dilemma. Mindfulness is the practice that attempts to cultivates the ability to stay present and focused in the moment. Mindfulness can help lower stress, restore emotional balance, increase resilience, reduce anxiety and much more. Not only does it lower stress and reduce anxiety, it can also improve concentration, something I could use due to my consistent procrastination. Mindfulness can take time to concoct, but here are some ways to get started!

1. Practice deep breathing!

We often forget how in tune our bodies are with our minds, and we can sooth ourselves by simply being conscious of our breaths! Mindfulness is all about embracing the emotions and sensations you feel in the moment, and using that energy to accomplish your goals.

2. Use apps to help you practice mindfulness

There are also an abundance of apps that can help you practice mindfulness, such as Breethe, Calm, and Headspace (my personal favorite).

3. Try to eat more mindfully

Savor each bite and recognize when you are hungry and when you are bored.

Although mindfulness can seem as simple and silly as being more aware of your surroundings, it has shown to have a huge impact on productivity and goal achieving. The key to getting work done, is to be aware of the negative emotions you feel about doing it, and reappraising those emotions into getting it done! Practicing mindfulness allows you to better control your behavior due to a learned acceptance of human errors. Overall, mindfulness can promote better focus control by enhancing your attention to things such as negative emotions or sensations, and using this knowledge to accomplish your goals!