Letter to My Dog by Alexandra Kaufman

Dear Ruby,

For my entire life, I have loved animals and all that I ever wanted was to have a dog. I have had five hamsters, two guinea pigs, and many fish but none of them were ever able to give me the love that I wanted from a dog.

Finally, during the summer before my senior year, you came into my life and my life has forever been changed for the better. I will never forget the moment that I first met you, I was coming home after a month in Israel, and you were waiting for me in the airport. You had the cutest little face, and I could not believe that I finally had a dog.

Pink Hearts Floating in Air Photo by freestocks from Unsplash Now, a year and a half later, I can barely believe that there was ever a time when you were not in my life. Every morning you come into my room and attack me with kisses. You are so full of love and I can’t think of a love purer than that of a dog. I love that you come everywhere with our family, and you are our perfect little princess. 

Whenever I am happy, you are happy right alongside me, and when I need cheering up, you make me feel better. I love you so much and you truly are the best dog that I could ever ask for.