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How to Look After Yourself Post-Quarantine

I think we can all agree that it’s been a crazy summer, and that this school year is going to be unique in every aspect. But that shouldn’t stop us from having a fantastic year and making great memories.

Whether you’re a first-year, or a returning student, we could all use a few tips on how to better look after ourselves. I have you covered with some simple tips on how to take care of yourself this coming school year!

Stay on a schedule

With so many classes fully online and meeting asynchronously, it’s important to stay on some sort of set schedule. Try to wake up at a reasonable time every day, try to eat 3 meals a day, and set aside time every week for each class. You’re not living at home anymore––no one’s going to remind you to do your homework or announce when dinner’s ready (well, maybe your roommate will).

Make a chore schedule

I was personally surprised my first year when my laundry pile didn’t magically disappear, and I’m warning you that it won’t. With that being said, make sure to wash your sheets (or at least your pillowcase) weekly or bi-weekly, and now that we have to keep track of facemasks too, wash those weekly. If you didn’t know, the result of an unclean mask is ‘mascne’ (mask acne)! Be sure to wash your cloth masks frequently and throw away the paper ones after daily use. To avoid becoming overwhelmed with chores on top of homework, try to create a schedule where one chore is done per day.

Have time to yourself at least once a week

College can be emotionally and socially exhausting. It may be fun to hang out all the time, but it’s necessary to have some you time, too. You need to have some time alone to reflect on how you’re feeling, and to truly relax after a long week. Whether you spend that time laughing at TikToks for an hour, or reading a book that’s not for school, it’s a good idea to just hang out with yourself. 

Make your study space happy

Even if you have a lot of in-person classes this Fall, you’re going to need somewhere to do all of your homework and reading. Try to put happy objects and mementos on and around your desk: pictures of your friends and family, a stress ball, a succulent you like––anything!

Remember to stay in touch with your loved ones

Whether you’re the first, or the last, bird to leave the nest, your family is going to miss you. I’m not saying you have to call home every day, but consider a call or text whenever something exciting happens: if you aced that pop quiz, or went out and met new friends, they’ll be happy to hear! Same goes with your high school buddies. I try to text my friend group chat at least once a month and ask them for life updates. A lot can happen in a month, and going from seeing your old pals daily to only over breaks is going to be hard. Try to lessen that hardship by reaching out––if you miss them, they probably miss you too!

I know it sounds overwhelming, but trust me, these tips will save you a lot of effort in the long run. Don’t worry, Class of 2024, you’re ready for DU and DU is ready for you! And, returning students, let’s get back into our groove and enjoy our time on campus.

Hi, I’m Zoe! I am a sophomore at DU studying English and I’m from Colorado Springs, CO. I love reading and writing, listening to music and attending concerts, and hanging out with my family!
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