#GirlBoss: From Book to Netflix Original

If you don’t know her name, you certainly still know her brand- Sophia Amoruso founded Nasty Gal, the vintage inspired fashion mecca based in Los Angeles.

In May of 2014, Amoruso published #GirlBoss- it was part guide to being a female bad ass, part autobiography of the adventure-filled life that led Amoruso to go from dumpster diver to fashion icon.


This month, #GirlBoss became a Netflix series that painted Amoruso as being full of as much sass, energy, and curse-words as I had hoped her character would be. When watching it, not only will you be graced with the visual joy of vintage pumps and “female astronaut jumpsuits,” but you will learn some incredibly creative and, um, colorful, ways to insult the patriarchy and the Debbie-Downers around you. One of the greatest lines you’ll hear may be:


“I don’t have a swimsuit. What am I, a Kennedy?”


But, the Netflix original isn’t a direct copy of Amoruso’s tell-all book. She did not in fact have an estranged mother and the beloved Annie is a fragment of Netflix’s imagination. But, the important details- the eBay beginnings and the wild youth that inspired Amoruso…that’s all real.


We have just one question…is this an attempt to bring Nasty Gal loyalists closer to the brand or a last-ditch attempt at saving Nasty Gal from bankruptcy? We aren’t sure, but, damn, we love that woman’s style and story and are thankful to have another Netflix original to binge on.