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Carlee Jones and Her Gorgeous Photography

With the sun shining and flowers beginning to bloom, Spring certainly has provided us with some photogenic landscapes. I don’t know about you, but when the weather gets nice like this I love dressing up, finding an artsy area, and getting my picture taken. I’m super lucky, because one of my closest friends is an incredible photographer, and she’s open for business!

Name: Carlee Jones

Major: Biochemistry

Minors: German & Biology

Year in School: Sophomore

Campus Involvement: Suscomm and Pre-Health Clubs

What first got you into photography?

I remember from my childhood being so enthralled with my dad’s film camera. He took it everywhere with him and was able to capture all of the moments that I barely remember. Now, I can look back at those memories and almost be transported back in time to the emotions and feelings that were captured in that moment. He has since decided to pass that film camera down to me, and I am capturing my own moments with both that camera and my own.

Aspen Jones, photographed by Carlee Jones

Would you say there’s a difference between capturing images on film and on digital cameras?

Oh, there’s definitely a difference between film and digital photography. The thing with film photography is that you have to be confident in what you’re capturing but also be happy with whatever you do end up getting. Nowadays, we end up taking multiple photos of the same moment just because we want to make sure everything looks perfect. But with a film camera, you’re able to capture that raw moment in time. To me, film photography seems more genuine.

What has been your favorite place to take photos?

My favorite place that I’ve taken photos at has to be the place where I took some of my little sister’s senior photos last fall. We were visiting my aunt about an hour north of Denver. At the last minute, we had decided to take advantage of the last hour of light by taking a golf cart up to this hill right down the road. With the silhouette of the mountains, the open prairie grass, and the golden light, we were able to catch some amazing photos. We ended up capturing some of my favorite shots at that location.

Hadleigh Seely, photographed by Carlee Jones

Is there anything else you’d like the DU community to know about you or your photography?

Yes! I want the DU community to know this: Let’s shoot!

Carlee would also like to give a very special shoutout to Grace Elizabeth. Carlee says:

I want to give credit to Grace because she pushed me to pursue photography recently. Even when I wasn’t sure if I could do it, she reassured my abilities and always believed in me. I joke that she’s my manager for my photography business. She even comes to shoots with me and helps. I wouldn’t be asked to be featured on Her Campus DU if it weren’t for her.

Grace Elizabeth, photographed by Carlee Jones

Wanna be photographed? Carlee Jones is open for business! To contact her, message her on Facebook or Instagram.

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