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Amelia Schwartz and SpoonU

One girl has brought one of the largest networks of food fanatic writers to DU and her name is Amelia Schwartz. Amelia is the founder and Editorial Director of DU’s chapter of Spoon University (A.K.A SpoonU). SpoonU has over 3,000 contributors spanning over 100 college campuses. It is a lifestyle website that focuses on providing resources, recipes and local eatery reviews for college students. The founders of SpoonU saw that upon arriving to college, most students struggled to navigate their campus food options and their own kitchens; SpoonU is the solution. On SpoonU you can find articles on how to spice up your top ramen, review of Yum Yum Spice (the new Asian food restaurant where Greeks used to be), or random new food trends.

Amelia is double majoring in hospitality with a restaurant management focus and media studies. Her dream is to one day be a food critic or work for the Food Network and by bringing SpoonU to campus she is well on her way. She first heard of SpoonU from her mom and after acquiring 300 signatures from DU students, DU’s SpoonU chapter was formed! Her weekly life as the editorial director involves weekly meetings (which are more often bonding sessions with the writers) discussing new eateries and recipes they have tried in the past week, along with planning new articles or events to hold for DU students.

As DU’s official page goes live this weekend, anyone and everyone interested in trying new foods, recipes, or wants to know the best fast-food Mexican food restaurants should check out SpoonU. If you are a journalist, videographer or photographer and are interested in joing the SpoonU team, you should contact Amelia Schwartz. Go check out the page at  http://spoonuniversity.com!

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