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All the Services Planned Parenthood Has to Offer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DU chapter.

Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit that provides services, information, and emotional support on reproductive health care, sex education, cancer, birth control and more to any gender. 

Planned Parenthood offers a variety of services like STD testing and treatment, woman wellness exams, cancer screening and prevention, abortion, hormone therapy, infertility services, and overall health care. 

There is a wide debate over the topic of abortion, which is a very safe and common action for ending a pregnancy. This can be done through an in-clinic abortion or an abortion pill. Planned Parenthood offers therapy and support of choosing to get an abortion and what method is the most beneficial. Their motto is, “No pressure, no judgment. Just support.”


The other sector of health care includes flu shots, COVID-19 testing, smoking cessation counseling, anemia testing, screening for cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and breast cancer. 

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Planned Parenthood also benefits the surrounding community. There are health centers, programs in schools, and community centers that disseminate important health information that helps people make smart and healthy reproductive decisions. 


The organization also promotes, normalizes, and advocates for education on sex, pleasure, sexual dysfunction, relationships, gender identity, and specific information related to teenagers, parents, and educators. 

It is very fast and easy to make an appointment online. First, go to plannedparenthood.org, select “Get Care” and then schedule an appointment. This appointment can be online or in-person care. Once you find a location that is convenient for you, you may select “book online” and select the service you need and a time and date.

There have been controversies, protests, and replications of the Planned Parenthood process. Research has proven that Planned Parenthood is able to deliver high-quality, timely and successful contraceptive care to more humans than any other funded family planning providers.


On Planned Parenthood’s website, you can learn about the variety of services, schedule an appointment, and get involved by donating, volunteering and taking action.


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