11 Things No One Tells You About Living in Nelson/Nagel Hall

Ah sophomore year…Your finally not a freshman but also not too old to have to start worrying about the adult world yet. You finally are moving into a ~big girl~ dorm and got to choose who you lived with, life is great! Despite the excitement and all of the Pinteresting you have been doing you probably have not thought one bit about any possible downsides to moving into Nelson or Nagel Hall at DU. So here are some of the things that we at HCDU wish that someone had told us before we moved into our new homes sophomore year…

·      It’s not like JMAC, everyone’s doors are closed and no one wants to be friends so don’t go knocking on doors introducing yourself.

·      Cooking your own food in a community kitchen won't happen- they’re disgusting because no one cleans anything and those community kitchens will be something to avoid not cherish.

·      Your RA doesn’t care about you, their job, or anything else, so don’t expect RAs in second year buildings to do much.

·      Floor socials/ building events aren’t a thing, like at all

·      The “apartment” feeling will only last about three to five days.

·      If you live on the apartment style floors it may seem like you can do whatever you want and rage all night and get away noise complaint free. LOL nope, despite what you may think you don’t actually live free from authority and the RA’s on duty can still kill your vibe.

·      You will never take the stairs, even if you only live on the second floor.

·      Motivation to go to the gym will become very low.

·      Nagel cinnabuns go fast, so if you ever see them, snag them.

·      The cafe in Nagel sounds all luxurious and variety-like, but check back in after your fourth time standing in the Salsa Rico line.

·      There really isn’t one that’s better than the other - Nelson and Nagel are pretty much the same thing.