Tips For Time Management

One of the hardest parts about starting college is managing your time. While high school involves going to class on a structured schedule, college forces you to make your own schedule. When you have entire days without classes or a few hours between, it can be tempting to spend it watching makeup haul videos on YouTube instead of sitting down and working on homework, watching deadlines fly by. 

I’ve spent most of my time in college working multiple jobs with a full course load, but that doesn’t mean that I’m perfect when it comes to time management. I fall into the “just one more hour” trap more often than I’d like. But I have learned some tips and tricks to time management in my career at Drexel that might help some of you out.  

1. Make Google Calendar your best friend

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I know you probably hear this a lot, but scheduling time in Google Calendar to complete assignments will actually change your life. I even schedule time for naps or time to eat. When I first started at Drexel, I never scheduled breaks between classes or time to fulfill my basic needs. Using Google Calendar to plan out self-care will ensure you’re on top of your game for whatever the quarter throws at you.

2. Set an alarm or timer

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People make fun of me for the number of alarms I have on my phone, but they work! While setting many alarms might seem extreme, it’s actually helped me monitor the amount of time I spend on assignments. I set an alarm for the time I have to work until I’m allowed to take a break, and then I promise myself to work until the alarm goes off. The amount of pages I have to read seems a lot less intense when I know I’ll be able to take a break soon! Alarms are also super helpful when scheduling naps. 

3. Be honest with yourself

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Are you really going to be able to take another shift at your job, volunteer at your student org, and do your homework? Being honest about my limits isn’t always easy, but I have to remember that I can’t do it all, and neither can you. College is hard enough without overscheduling yourself and then feeling bad about not being able to finish all of your work. 

4. Make a playlist for each activity

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I can’t listen to music with lyrics while studying because I’ll only focus on the words and not on what I’m working on. But when it comes to cleaning my room, I have to listen to something with words or I’ll be bored and unmotivated. Find the kind of noises that work for you to get in the zone, and then whenever that playlist is on, you know you have to get to work! 

5. Find a rest day

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You can’t be working all the time! You have to find a day of the week to recharge and plan out the rest of your week. Whether that’s a lazy Sunday or a Saturday, finding time to hang out with friends or do something else that makes you happy, without having to worry about your schedule is important. Plus, it allows you to reflect and anticipate any stressors for the week. 

College is hard, but there are ways to manage your time to make it easier on you. Hopefully, with these tips you'll be on your way to organizing your schedule and having time for fun too!