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Finally! Spring break is right around the corner! After the harsh winter, tough classes and extreme exhaustion, here comes our chance to relax and rejuvenate for the next quarter. When things are so busy, it is so easy to forget about yourself. We forget that our bodies and minds need a break of their own too. Here’s 5 ways to take care of yourself this spring break!

1. Your Day

Of course, with such a short break we try to jam pack different events with friends, family and loved ones. However, even if it’s just one day, take some time out for yourself. Do what you love to do in this time. Whether it’s cooking, reading, yoga, binge watching your favorite show on netflix, do it! Treat yourself to your favorite meal, buy yourself that dress you were eyeing, you deserve it.

2. Nature

After this cold and brutal winter, nothing but some sunshine and flowers can help. On a day with nice weather take a walk around the city, a hike on your favorite trail or maybe even visit Bartram’s Garden (free admission!). Getting off of campus and into nature can help clear your mind.

3. Sleep

This one’s easy! Catch up on all those hours lost while you were grinding! So that when spring quarter’s workload comes your way, you’re ready to tackle it head on!

4. Organize

During down time this break, try to organize for next quarter! Mark your calendar, plan study dates, clean out last quarter’s junk when you get the chance. It will help you start spring quarter on a clean slate, ready to go from the very first second!

5. Cleanse

Cleanse your mind of all the negativity from winter quarter! Meditation, spiritual rituals, healthier eating habits, whatever works best for you! Also, taking a chance to analyze and reflect on what things went wrong and how to improve on them can help you. By feeling more positive, you’ll be able to conquer next quarter easily!

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