A Ranking of Black Mirror Season Four

I spent a day binge-watching Black Mirror’s season four over winter break and I have no regrets. Here’s my ranking of all the episodes from worst to best:

6. “Metalhead”

Image courtesy of TVLine

“Metalhead” was a really short episode compared to all of the other ones; it felt a bit rushed, but at the same time, too long. There was hardly any dialogue and the ending was a bit confusing. Yes, if you thought about it for a while, the ending was incredibly sad. Some may say that “Metalhead” is underrated, but Netflix condensed it to a measly forty minutes. The killer robot plot is really interesting (and can definitely be our future) and I admit that I was scared a few times. But, it just wasn’t enough for me.

5. “Crocodile”

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Let’s face it. This girl was psycho. Her desire to stay at the top led her to spiral into murdering people left and right. She killed her old friend, a married couple, and if that wasn’t brutal enough, she murdered a blind baby. The new technology was really interesting and it was great that she was brought to justice by using, but, it really wasn’t the best episode to say the very least.

4. “Arkangel”

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This episode left me pretty speechless. The ending was such a shock that I waited for it to continue so I could have closure. Alas, I didn’t. Honestly, it was so convenient that when the mother started watching her child again, it would be when her daughter was having sex and snorting cocaine. To me, the mother and daughter were both at fault; her mother shouldn’t have spied on her without permission and her daughter shouldn’t have beat her senseless. Abuse is abuse and this episode was insane.

3. “Hang the DJ”

Image courtesy of TVLine

Okay, I’m a sucker for a good love story. The whole time I was watching, I was freaking out whenever the two protagonists saw each other again. The concept was pretty cheesy, but I couldn’t help but love it. At first, I thought the dating system that the couple went through was absolutely terrible, but when you find out that they’re part of a simulation in a dating app, it’s pretty interesting. I don’t want to compare to San Junipero because the concepts are pretty different. The only thing they have in common is that the central theme is love.

2. “USS Callister”

Image courtesy of TVLine

This episode had a bunch of known celebrities, from Jesse Plemons to Cristin Milioti. The plot was pretty interesting and insane at the same time. With the crazy and petty antagonist abusing virtual clones of his coworkers, it was so hard to feel bad for him. Yes, he felt neglected and unappreciated at his workplace, but he had the audacity to kill his partner’s virtual son in front of him. Not cool.

1. “Black Museum”

Image courtesy of TVLine

“Black Museum” was the best episode of season four - don’t fight me on this. At first, all of the stories seemed irrelevant, but at the end, everything tied together so beautifully. It was a great last episode, for justice was brought to the man who ruined so many people’s lives in his ridiculous stories.


I don’t regret binging Black Mirror’s fourth season in one day and you shouldn’t either. Obviously, this list was all based on my opinion and whether you disagree with the order or not, I think we can all agree Black Mirror is a damn good show.