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Learn a Language for Free Using 5 Minutes Daily

Throw out the idea that it is too late to learn a language and join the polyglot community of the world. Languages should be seen as something that bring people together rather than a border that separates us. If you’re interested in learning a language, here are some free and quick solutions for you.


Duolingo is an app where you are able to learn any language free of cost. Now if you had a language in High School which I am guessing you did, you’ve probably heard of Duolingo before and as a 233 daily streak holder

Coffee Break Languages Podcast

Coffee Break Languages is a podcast available on all podcast streaming site where the narrator will be teaching a person the language, you’re interested so you’ll be learning a language alongside a beginner at a slow pace where you’ll be able to repeat and pick up the language as you move along. They have podcasts available in French, Spanish, German, Italian and even Chinese (unsure of the dialects).

Language Drop

    Language Drop is also an IOS app that provides you with 5 mins of free language learning. You’ll be familiar with the languages as the app repeated the same phrase over and over.

    Movies and subtitles

    What if I told you it is possible to learn a language just by watching Netflix every day? Yes, it is an actual time. It is recommended to either watch a movie in the languages you are interested in learning or Watching a movie in English and having the subtitle be in a different language. Your brain will start to pick up the accents and certain words.

    Your phone

    Yes, that’s right! Just doing something as simple as changing your phone language to the language of your choice will force your brain into survivor mode and it will start to correlate the new language to your first language as much as possible just as your brain would do if you lived in a foreign country.

    Learning a language shouldn’t be seen as a chore or another class you have to deal with. It is might to connect you to the world and just by the small grace of being able to communicate with our neighbors around the world shouldn’t be taken for granted. Have as much fun as you would like with your new language and find a narrative speaker to help you out at times.

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