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How to Pass Time when you’re Bored at your Office Internship

I wish I could tell you that all Drexel co-ops were the best experience ever, but unfortunately, there can be times where there are lulls, you don’t have much to do, and you’re probably searching the internet for things to do. No need to look any further! I understand how you feel, I am writing this article at work right now (shhh! don’t tell my boss!)


Organize your planner

You may not always want to take the precious time when you get home from work to do more work. It’s completely understandable, working a 9-5 is exhausting. So take this time to your advantage and get some work done for yourself. 


Start a hobby

Find a game that you really like or would want to perfect, edit photos, draw, write blogs (hint, hint)… just find something you would enjoy from the comfort of your own desk. It can’t hurt to try something new.


Do homework

I don’t know about you, but being on the co-op and getting a free class is really helping me move along with my plan of study and leaving some wiggle room for the future. I like to bring my personal laptop and get my homework done for the week so my weekends are free for me to do whatever I want! 


Mingle with co-workers

Sitting at a desk for 8 hours is honestly pretty exhausting. I know that sounds dumb but you need to get up and get the blood flowing every once in awhile. See if anyone needs help or just go and connect with your co-workers, it doesn’t hurt to take a break every once in awhile and it would probably make someone else happy to get their eyes off of their computer.



Think back to what you have done on co-op so far. Make a list and write all the things you have accomplished in the time you have worked. Make a document, go through each day and list each different thing that you do. Remember to also do this on a weekly basis so you remember your whole experience once you leave your co-op.



Take some time for yourself, write how you are feeling, get your thoughts out on to paper; it is a good de-stressor and something that can help pass the time. It will get your eyes away from your computer screen and it helps relax you from a stressful day at work.


Everybody can say they have those days where they’re counting down the seconds til’ 5pm hits. Hopefully you can pick up one of these to make oyur time at work feel a little more productive.

Morgan is a Communications Major at Drexel University.She is Currently the Event Coordinator for Drexel's chapter. She is into travel, cooking and Fitness/wellness and may spend a little too much time online shopping.
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