HC Favs: Places to Explore in Philadelphia

Living in Philadelphia is amazing. There’s multiple museums minutes away from each other, large versions of your favorite clothing stores, and so many restaurants. You could try a new place every night to eat dinner at for a whole year and still have places you haven’t been to! But, if you’re anything like me, you may miss the miles of trees back home, or just want a break from the concrete jungle. Don’t worry! Here are my top picks of where to walk and hike near Philly this spring and summer. For our favorites-themed week, we compiled a list of our favorite places to explore in Philadelphia. 


1. The Schuylkill River Trail

10 miles of gorgeous trail along the Schuylkill River? Sign me up! The Schuylkill River Trail is in total, 60 miles long (projected to be 130 miles long when fully constructed), and broken into sections. The Philadelphia section is a wide, paved path right alongside the river. When traveling this path, you see many beautiful sights, but my favorite section is at the Art Museum and Water Works, connecting on down to Boathouse Row.

Image Courtesy of Jonathan Bari


2. Fairmount Park

Broken into East and West, this impressive park spanning over 2,000 acres is full of things to do and see. Not only can you hike, bike and walk for miles, but you can also stop by the horticulture center and wander through the arboretum. During your trip, you’ll not only get to see nature, but historical houses, such as the Shofuso Japanese House. This park has almost every activity you can think of, whether it’s space to play frisbee with your dog, or a spot for a picnic.

Image Courtesy of R. Kennedy for Visit Philly


3. Ben Franklin Bridge

Interested in running to Jersey and back? It may not be as daunting as it seems! The Ben Franklin Bridge pedestrian walkway is a three mile-long round trip and is a great place to walk or run. The panoramic views of the skyline and river will take your breath away – if the run doesn’t do that already!

Image Courtesy of Tom Gralish 


4. Wissahickon Valley Park

Are you ready to be immersed in the woods? Find yourself exploring 57 miles of lush landscape this spring. My favorite pathway to run on is Forbidden Drive, which looks less ominous that it sounds. It received this name in the 1920’s because cars were not allowed to drive on it. If you’re feeling more daring, there are plenty of trails leading deep into the forest where you can hear and see wildlife among the trees.

Image Courtesy of John Vidumsky


5. Art Museum Steps

If you want a traditional Philadelphia experience, you should try running up the Art Museum steps just like Rocky did in the movies. Although some people dub it as a “tourist thing”, it is really fun! Also, who doesn't love a cute picture for Insta? You may see the stairs as an easy workout, but I promise you that after running up and down them a few times, your legs will be burning!

Image Courtesy of Gene Smirnov


This spring, make it your goal to get outside, no matter where it is! Take a step back from school or work and enjoy the fresh sights of Philadelphia!