The Bold Type is Back! Thoughts on the Season 3 Premiere

To say I’m obsessed with The Bold Type is an understatement. Back when I still used Tumblr, I used to create fan edits for Kat and Adena (Kadena), read fanfic, and write headcanons for every episode. I still watch YouTube compilations of the best Kadena moments when I'm procrastinating. And, as a woman working toward a degree in publishing, I adored the honest discussions of the industry. I still imagine I’m Jane Sloan whenever I sit down to write an article.

So when the first episode of season three aired on Freeform last Tuesday, I was so excited to see Kat, Sutton, and Jane on my screen again. Let me tell you, I have thoughts

First off, I’m still not totally recovered from the Kadena breakup in Season 2, and watching Kat deal with the heartbreak during this episode was rough. You obviously want to inspire your partner to grow, and it can be hard to let go when your relationship starts to impact your mental health. I fully expected to go into this season angry that the straight couples got to have a happy ending while Kadena didn’t, but I actually appreciated the discussion of a breakup for a lesbian couple. 

Kat gives a talk on “being queer in the digital age,” and a big part of that is dealing with seeing your ex all over social media. I definitely understand wanting to appear happy on social media so that exes think you’ve moved on. I almost cried at Kat’s post in the end. It’s so hard to feel alone on social media, comparing yourself to everyone, hyper-analyzing every post. Especially in the lesbian community, there's a huge pressure to constantly post about your relationship online. It makes breaking up even more public. Kat has had so much growth since season one, and I hope that with or without Adena, she continues to explore herself and thrive in her career. 

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We also have to talk about Patrick. I was fully with Jane when his character was introduced; I don’t like the idea of men holding leadership positions in women’s magazines. When Patrick told Alex that as a straight man, he should have a bigger voice, I rolled my eyes. I still don’t necessarily think Scarlet is the best place for a man to be in a leadership position, but Patrick is clearly sympathetic to women’s issues, and that’s at least something. I love that Jane is a journalist who will get the whole story, even if it's not the one she initially wanted to tell. It would have been easy to paint Patrick as a misogynist trying to take voices from women, but he is truly well-meaning. 

One of the best parts of this episode was the mentorship between Jane and Jacqueline. It's so important for women to have other women to help them navigate their career. Seeing Jacqueline supportive of not only Jane's career goals, but her personal goals, is amazing. Especially when we typically see women tearing each other down in the workplace on television. Navigating misogyny in the workplace is easier when you have someone who's been through it to help you. 

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Speaking of misogyny, I threw up in my mouth a little bit when Richard’s coworker started objectifying Sutton right in front of him. I don’t like Richard, because I think he’s too old for Sutton, and even if he’s not her direct supervisor, I find the power dynamics in their relationship to be kind of suspect. Still, I was glad that Richard began to stand up for Sutton, and I was proud of Sutton for standing up for herself. She asserted her boundaries, called Richard out for telling Jacqueline she was moving in before talking to her, and then discussed the decision with her friends. Despite hating the relationship, I still enjoyed the plotline, because we got to see Sutton demand the respect she deserves. 

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Kat, Sutton, and Jane are all fighting different battles, but the best part of this episode was their support of one another. I loved that Jane and Sutton supported Kat in her breakup and that Jane allowed Sutton to make her own decision about moving out. The three friends don't impose their own opinions on one another, but they're still honest. They want what's best for each other, and will support their friends no matter what. I can't wait to see what plots come up in the rest of the season, and I hope that regardless, they continue to grow in their friendship.