Why You Need to Be Watching The Bold Type

The Bold Type on Freeform is a show about three best friends who work at the fictional women’s magazine Scarlet. When I first heard of the show I kind of rolled my eyes. I loved the idea of a show about working for a women’s magazine, but the previews made me feel like the show would lack substance, focusing only on pop feminism and never go deeper.

I was wrong, and now I’m one of the biggest fans of the show. In fact, after watching the first episode, I remember texting one of my friends, “This is the kind of show I’ve been waiting for forever.” I know that sounds dramatic, but as a lesbian woman there are so few shows that speak to my experiences with womanhood. The Bold Type is the first show that I’ve ever watched that perfectly characterized women and their diverse experiences.

When it was renewed for a second and third season I was ecstatic! Although no exact date has been given for the second season, now is the perfect time to catch up if you haven’t already!

And if you needed any more convincing. Here are some reasons you need to watch the show.

1. Representation of gay women

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Kat and Adena (or Kadena) are one of the main couples on the show. Adena proudly proclaims that she is a lesbian, while Kat is figuring out what label might work for her (if any at all). Kadena is one of the most accurate and beautiful lesbian relationships currently on television.

I can’t describe how amazing it feels to be represented like this. Sure, lesbians have shows like The L Word dedicated to discussing our sexuality, but to see us represented on a show about all women makes me feel warm inside. Kat and Adena’s relationship is written accurately and without falling into tropes.

Freeform also has The Fosters, of course, but Kadena are some of the only queer women on TV I’ve connected to who are also my age.

2. Racial diversity

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Not only does The Bold Type discusses the intersections of race and other identities, it doesn’t shy away from portraying issues like police brutality and xenophobia. Plus, the show has multiple interracial relationships, with two of them as the main ships -- Kat and Adena, two women of color, and also Alex and Sutton.

3. Women in power

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Typically when women are cast in the “boss” roll in movies they’re either portrayed as heartless or they

4. Female friendship

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The women on The Bold Type uplift each other, but they’re also critical of one another when they do something wrong. They also don’t hate on each other for petty reasons like clothing, which happens a lot in other shows with women leads. Jane, Sutton, and Kat want what’s best for each other.

5. Honest discussions of sexuality

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One of the main plots of season 1 involves Jane allowing herself to feel comfortable talking about sex, both with her partner and with her friends. Watching Jane grow to feel less ashamed about her sexuality is refreshing to watch.

The show also does a great job of not trivializing Kat’s discovery that she’s interested in women. It’s not used as a joke or brushed off because she’s liked men in the past. It’s so rare to see women on TV show their sexuality without judgment, and you’ll definitely connect to at least one woman’s story on the show.

Regardless of whether you watch, The Bold Type is an important TV show for women from all backgrounds.