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As a college student, I travel almost everywhere with a bag. Be it a small one or a full-on backpack, I have one with me at all times. After all, one can’t travel without their essentials. Here are eleven bag essentials that I think you all should have to make your life easier and super convenient.


1. Lipstick 

Don’t ever forget your lipstick. At any time, you can become from zero to hero with some color on your lips. It is a confidence booster and will brighten up your day whenever you wear it. 

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2. Face powder 

It is such a life saver. It’ll not only take care of your oiliness but also give you a glow whenever you feel tired. 

Image Courtesy of AliExpress.com

3. Water bottle 

This is a must-have. You must keep yourself hydrated at all times. Drinking water regularly will also help you focus more in your classes and at work.


Image Courtesy of PicClick

4. Wet wipes

 You better be careful about your hygiene. Wet wipes are also a lifesaver if you spill something on yourself. 

Image Courtesy of completecareshop.co.uk

5. Headphones or earbuds 

Music is life, life is music. Keep your headphones in your bag at all times.

Image Courtesy of wheretoget.it

6. A pen is absolutely essential 

Keep one in your bag and it’ll help you even when you’re least expecting it. 

Image Courtesy of Etsy

7. Wallet 

Never forget this essential item. Even if you forget to carry any of the stuff mentioned above, be sure to carry your wallet.

Image Courtesy of mochithings

8. Small deodorant and perfume 

A girl’s always got to smell pretty and cute. Keep these bag essentials to carry you through the day.

Image Courtesy of Bright Body

9. Notepad for quick reminders 

Have a small and portable notepad to keep note down anything important that may happen during the day.

Image Courtesy of  aliexpress.com  

10. Power bank or phone charger 

Keeping your phone charged at all times. Make these items your bag essentials and these will save your life every day and all the time.

Image Courtesy of Global Sources

11. Gum!

It’s a mouth refresher and can enlighten your mood at any time.

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