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14 Top Food Blogs (Vegan and Carnivore-Friendly)

Looking at recipe videos and food blogs is one of my favorite ways to procrastinate. There are so many food blogs out there that I decided to narrow down some of my favorite ones. With this list, you’re bound to find something in here for you (hopefully). P.S., every odd number is strictly a vegan blog, while even numbers are catered towards those who can eat anything else!

1. Minimalist Baker

Image Courtesy of Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker is a vegan food blog that shares recipes every three days. These plant-based recipes only require ten ingredients at the most, one bowl, or take only thirty minutes of your time. From recipes like pumpkin mac n’ cheese to cinnamon rolls, there’s something in this blog for everyone.

2. Creme de la Crumb

Image Courtesy of Creme de la Crumb

Started in 2013, Creme de la Crumb shares recipes that are “quick, easy, and crazy delicious.” She has a whole section dedicated to thirty-minute meals; her whole blog is clean and organized beautifully. She has foil recipes, instant pot recipes, and everything in between.

3. Olives for Dinner

Image Courtesy of Olives for Dinner

Olives for Dinner’s slogan is “recipes for the ethical vegan.” The author became a vegan because she felt funny when eating animal products. Now, she feels better than ever and that’s why she created this blog in 2011. Most of her recipes are not low-fat because fat is good and flavorful. From classic vegan crème brulee to fancy carrot lox ravioli, there can be something in here for every vegan (and non-vegan).

4. Budget Bytes

Image Courtesy of Budget Bytes

This blog is dedicated for people with small budgets (hello, college students)! Every recipe has the price for the whole meal and each serving so you know what’s coming out of your pocket. Her recipes look amazing and pretty healthy (she has vegetarian and vegan sections too). A lot of her recipes are one pot and meal prep, so super convenient for a busybody.

5. Vegan Yack Attack

Image Courtesy of Vegan Yack Attack

This blog has delicious looking vegan and/or raw meals and desserts. Jackie transitioned from vegetarian to vegan and has decided to create this blog to document her recipes, life experiences, and restaurant reviews.

6.  Carlsbad Cravings

Image Courtesy of Carlsbad Cravings

Jen, from Carlsbad, California, is a cystic fibrosis survivor and lung and kidney transplant recipient. She creates delicious, flavorful, and fresh food that have gotten her through tough times. She created this blog in 2014 after her kidney transplant to share her favorite recipes with the world.

7. I Love Vegan

Image Courtesy of I Love Vegan

Brittany and William, from Alberta, Canada, created this food blog to explore their transition to veganism. With over 180 recipes, from green curry to chocolate brownie sundaes, there’s bound to be something in here for you.

8. Peas and Crayons

Image Courtesy of Peas and Crayons

Although not a vegan blog, Peas and Crayons is a vegetable-heavy recipe blog. Whether you’re plant-based or not, there’s something in here for you. This blog gives the spotlight to vegetables, but don’t be discouraged. There’s plenty of meaty recipes too.

9. The Vegan 8

Image Courtesy of The Vegan 8

Brandi created this blog in 2013 to showcase her simple and delicious recipes. Her recipes are vegan, oil-free, dairy-free, tofu-free, and almost gluten-free. The best part is that almost all of her recipes are eight ingredients or less, hence The Vegan 8.While she focuses a lot on desserts and baking, there’s plenty of savory meal recipes too.

10. Sally’s Baking Addiction

Image Courtesy of Sally’s Baking Addiction

Sally created this blog after her college years to share her bakes (and other recipes too). Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savory (mostly sweet), go ahead and check out Sally’s Baking Addiction to satisfy your sweet tooth.

11. Isa Chandra

Image Courtesy of Isa Chandra

Isa Chandra is a bestselling author of many cookbooks, such as Vegan with a Vengeance. This blog has a ton of delicious-looking recipes, from samosa-spiced latkes to chocolate pecan to black-eyed pea curry. Her blog is beautifully put-together and so easy to navigate, you might as well spend a ton of time on there.

12. How Sweet Eats

Image Courtesy of How Sweet Eats

Jessica’s blog is so organized and she has a ton of detailed sections, from pizza to mocktails. Click on her blog if you want to find out how to make a crazy variety of food.

13. Keepin’ It Kind

Image Courtesy of Keepin’ It Kind

Kristy believes that kind food is the best type of food and created this blog to share her vegan recipes, restaurant reviews, and vegan travel stories. Her favorite recipes on her blog are her banh mi-less banh mi bowl, her buffalo mac n’ cheese balls, and her sugar-free Snickers ice cream. If you check Keepin’ It Kind out, you might find a favorite too.

14. Creole Contessa

Image Courtesy of Creole Contessa

Lisa, the creator of Creole Contessa, shares her “Creolized” and classic recipes on this blog. From peach cobbler bread pudding to coconut curry shrimp, her recipes look mouthwatering and flavorful. Creole Contessa has a whole section dedicated to meal prep recipes too, so if you’re into that, definitely check her out!

Hopefully, the foodie in you likes this list and has found a little something for your next kitchen adventure!


Diane Nguyen

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