12 Ways to Spring-Clean Your Health

Spring has sprung and it is time to stop feeling gloomy and move on to being a brighter you as the weather does the same. It would be much easier to enjoy the weather without a host of lifestyle issues clogging up your health radar. So here are a few steps you can take to make sure you’re fit to enjoy the spring.

1. Go to the doctor

If you haven’t yet had an annual check-up, now is a good time to do so. This is just a precaution to catch any signs of health problems before they arise. Get your blood pressure and glucose levels tested, get a pelvic exam, or maybe even get started on mammograms. Luckily, these tests are covered by most insurance plans because they are preventive measures.


2. Take your vitamins

As college students, we do not always have the best diet habits. One way to make sure we are getting the necessary vitamins and minerals is to take a daily supplement. A trip to your doctor should end with you asking his or her opinion on the best daily supplement to suit your health needs. After all, a diet of pizza and soda does not cover all the basic food groups.


3. Practice yoga and meditation

Meditation allows you to process things in your life from a different point of view. Yoga poses also give you a chance to increase your body strength and fix your posture. Take 15 minutes out of your day to practice for better mental and physical health.


4. Workout regularly

Just move. It does not have to be a full-on workout at the gym, just a short walk or bike ride can give you the mental release that you need to clear your head and relieve the stress of your day. Also it will get you closer to the fit body you want for the summer.


5. Eat more fruits and veggies

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! An increased intake of fruits and vegetables prevents diseases, releases toxins, and keeps you healthy. The fiber in these fruits and veggies also reduce cravings, which will help you eliminate overeating and weight gain.


6. Eat breakfast daily

As the most important meal of the day, breakfast helps increase your health by giving you the boost of energy you need to go through the day, whether you’re on co-op or have a full load of classes to tackle. It also enhances your immune system by providing the body with nutrition  reducing your risk of falling ill and missing out on the great weather ahead.


7. Cut back on the alcohol

Alcohol reduces the quality of sleep, which increases your chance of catching an infection or disease going around. It also leaves you grumpy, which means that you cannot fully enjoy the beauty of spring.  


8. Drink more water

Water is very important. It flushes out toxins and cleans out the organs so you do not get sick. In the sudden warmth of spring, dehydration could make your skin dull so you should drink at least eight glasses a day for glowing skin.


9. Reduce your TV time

Watching too much TV is bad for your eyesight. Spend some time reading a book or going outside instead! The TV is also known to disrupt sleep patterns and cause insomnia because of the light from the screen.  


10. Go to bed early

Doctors recommend eight hours of sleep because of its health benefits. It is hard to do this in college, but try your hardest to get the optimal amount of shut eye. More sleep gives you the energy to take on the day.


11. Manage your time properly

Getting things done earlier than the night before they are due will help relieve the stress of cramming and reduce the chance of illness and high blood pressure.


12. Sunscreen

With sunshine ahead, you have to protect your skin from its harmful rays so you can spend your days basking in the warmth. Wearing hats and sunscreen help to prevent the risk of skin cancer.


The cold days are over! It’s time for the clouds to go away and make room for the sunshine. With warm weather, we all want to enjoy the days at the beach or with bike rides along the Schuylkill. Don’t let your health stop you from doing that!


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