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The 10 Stages of Midterms Week as Told by The Office

It’s midterms week! While you may or may not have four exams to take between now and the end of Friday afternoon, chances are, you’re probably pretty busy. Whether you’re rushing to finish a research paper or have hundreds of verb conjugations to memorize, you may feel stressed and overwhelmed at some point. To make you feel a bit better (or at least understood), here are the stages of midterms week, as told by the characters of The Office.  


When you realize just how much you have to do between now and Friday

Trying to reach that page or word count minimum for a paper

That one class you just don’t (and will probably never) understand

Coming back from a night of productive studying in the library:

Professors during review sessions


Realizing midweek that you’ve come down with yet another bout of the Dickinflu



Thursday night feels a little something like this

Thursday night also might feel a little something like this

Keeping that confidence up during test day

And, finally, peacing out for Fall Pause like…


Good luck this week, Dickinsonians! You’ve got this! Remember, it will all be worth it come late Friday afternoon because:


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Emily Fishel

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Emily is a junior Secondary English Education major at the University of Delaware who loves writing. Prior to UD, she wrote for Her Campus at Dickinson College and has been hooked ever since! On campus, Emily is a sister of Delta Gamma, a member of SET (Secondary Educators of Tomorrow), and currently serves as HC UDel's PR & Marketing Director. Her number one passion is teaching English, but she would also love to continue writing for online publications after graduation. 
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