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The Fall 2020 semester has started, and here I am, stuck in my Baltimore apartment. It has been depressing, being far away from my classmates, not being able to engage with them. I feel a disconnect from them, which isn’t usual for me, to some extent. I am thankful to the teachers for having us introduce each other in the discussion boards. Being able to read short biographies on my fellow classmates makes me feel at ease. However, I still feel estranged when in zoom class, because we all refuse to show our faces. Nobody knows what I look like and vice versa. 

My mental health is been all over the place so far. My anxiety level is low now that classes are virtual, but my depression is being tested. For the first day of class, I decided to make up on, thinking that my teacher would require us to have the cameras on. However, that was not the case and I felt stupid for wasting my makeup and lip gloss. It hurts that I have no reason to get dressed up anymore. I have pretty summer outfits that are collecting dust. 

I am looking forward to being involved with the student organizations that I am part of. Virtually, I will have to interact with other members and I am anxious to see how it goes. Will I gain friends, as I hope? Will I feel awkward trying to connect with people? So many questions, yet, no answers. 

Overall, I plan to make this semester my best. I’m reaching to earn a 3.0 GPA or higher and gain friends. Hopefully, I will be back on campus next semester.

Good luck to everyone for a great semester!

Hi! My name is Pilar (Pee-LAHR). I was born & raised in Baltimore, but decided to further my education as a mass communication major at Delaware State University. #RavensNation #CharmCityGirl
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