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Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a classic cookout food. I like mine simple with just ketchup and mustard. However, you can spice it up with some chili, relish, or even nacho cheese


Another popular cookout food is hamburgers. I don’t like my burgers plain, so I throw some American cheese on the burger. I pair the cheese up with pickles and jalapenos. But you can add tomatoes or lectures, which are popular toppings.

Corn on the Cob

I love corn on the cob, and on the grill, the corn is given a flavorful taste. I like to add butter and pepper to mine.

BBQ Chicken 

When I think of chicken that is served at cookouts barbeque chicken comes to mind. The combination of the grill flavor and your favorite barbeque sauce makes for a great taste


Fruits add a specific sweetness to a cookout. I personally like watermelon, strawberries, or even blueberries.

I am Kaitlin Robinson a Chemistry major from Washington,DC. I’m fairly new to writing but I hope you enjoy my articles.
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