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I Want Proof

During your college years, it is common to desire and get into relationships and friendships. You love the idea of getting to know someone on a personal level and them getting to know you as well.  But how well do you know yourself?

These past few months have allowed me to learn about myself. I was able to think about what I truly want out of life, what things truly matter to me, what traumas still bother me, what kind of hairstyles do I want to try when I turn 21, etc. I realized that I didn’t know myself as well as I thought. I really did change this year.

For starters, I decided to go places by myself. I’m used to doing things with my mom, so it was quite refreshing to do this by myself. I would take a drive to the mall and grab food or shop around briefly. It was sort of a coming-of-age experience for me to get my nails done on my own for the first time because instead of my mother paying for it, the money came out of my pocket. Although paying was the downside, spending quality time with myself was nice. 

Another thing that I did during these past months was to watch new shows. One, in particular, is “Love & Marriage: Huntsville”. I clicked play thinking that I may be bored to death, but I was proven wrong. I binge-watch the show like crazy. I usually watch reality shows, but this one is different. It’s about 3 couples, coming together in the Real Estate business. Yes, there is drama, but it is still positive to see Black entrepreneurs. I am proud of myself for adding a new show to my watchlist.


Here are tips on how to date yourself:

  1. Go to dinner by yourself

  2. Play music and light candles while relaxing

  3. Take a trip to the spa or lake

  4. Go to Body Works and introduce yourself to new scents

  5. Take a personality test

  6. Re-evaluate your future plans and desires

  7. Create a vision board

  8. Try new hairstyles

Hi! My name is Pilar (Pee-LAHR). I was born & raised in Baltimore, but decided to further my education as a mass communication major at Delaware State University. #RavensNation #CharmCityGirl
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