Cherish Your Friends

Cherish your Friends

Zaire A. Davis


I love the beginning of a new semester because I get to see all my favorite people on campus once again. I enjoy running into people in the hallways on the way to class, relaxing with my squad at Chic Fil A at lunch, and being adventurous at midnight with people I know I will never forget. Cherish your friendships. College goes by very swiftly. One minute you are sitting at new student orientation and the next, you are being bombarded with the “so what are you doing next?” questions. Love the people that you are around. If your friend has ever loaned you five dollars, loaned you a dress for a party, or sent you answers to homework five minutes before class, take a minute to text them and tell them you love them. Friends are the family that we have when we are away from home and you never know how much of a blessing you could be in someone’s life. Friends are the vital support system that you need to enjoy school. There is no better feeling than sharing a long, belly laugh with people that you feel completely safe with. The deep conversations that are shared in the night with individuals that you trust are the building blocks to a mandated relationship you can store in your heart forever. Lately, I have been feeling grateful. I am grateful that I have people who love me and check on me. I am grateful that I have people to lift me up when I am down and support me no matter the circumstance. Be the friend to others that you want to have yourself.