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Big Nose Black Beauty: The New Movement

Big Nose Black Beauty: the new movement

#BlackGirlMagic took over social media in 2013 because, let’s face it, we are magical. Although this isn’t a hashtag yet, I’m anticipating that it will become one. Someone thought of creating an entire website dedicated to black girls with big noses. Maybe their hashtag could be #BGBN or something possibly. Anyway, the goal is to let black women, and their big noses, know that they’re beautiful no matter what. Especially in a world where we’re told we’re not beautiful. So, join the new movement and celebrate your nose while you continue to be the magical black girl you always were. Below is a few of the pictures they have posted and they are always looking for new ones so don’t be shy, go ahead and submit the picture.


You can submit to Big Nose Black Beauty at: http://bignoseblackbeauty.tumblr.com/ and https://www.bignoseblackbeauty.com/

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