Who’s Your Role Model?

With International Women’s Day approaching, I decided to talk to some fellow students about some of their role models that they look up to as women. Here were their answers!

Her Campus: Tell me about your favorite female role model in your life.

Emily K: A female role model I look up to in my life (and this is basic, I know) is my mom because she loves everyone so openly and always goes out of her way to make you feel important and safe. Whenever I have a problem, she’s the first person I call and can calm me down no matter what it is.

Kayla R: My aunt Kristine is a female role model in my life. After I lost my mother, she stepped up and took over loving and nurturing me. She was never asked to fill such big shoes, especially with having her own set of five kids, yet she has been there from day one for my siblings and I. She has always been a huge supporter of all that I do and everything that I accomplish. She has shown me what success looks like, as she owns her own Pilates studio, and lives every day of her life with bundles of sunshine. She proves that you can go after your dreams and accomplish them. I look up to her everyday and always turn to her when I need advice. My aunt is a mother I never knew I needed, and I aspire to live a life as full of happiness and success as she does. I can’t thank her enough.

Megan M: My aunt Mary is one of the most amazing women I know. She raised two kids as a single working mom while going through years of dialysis and an eventual kidney transplant, all while being a constant beam of light and positive energy for everyone in her life. She is the most genuinely kind and caring person I have ever met, and she has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. She has definitely been a role model for me as a woman who perseveres through hardships and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Samantha L: My grandma is definitely my biggest female role model in my life. She is kind, wise, loving and very supportive. She cares about every person she meets. She even makes all my friends birthday gifts! She has definitely helped me be more conscious of the people around me in my life and be more kind on purpose.