Websites to Help You Through Finals

It’s the end of the semester and all of your professors are suddenly asking you to remember everything that you’ve learned since August. It’s easy to look at your piles of notes and books and get overwhelmed. But there’s no need to fear: a quick, easy way to review is just a few clicks away. Use some of these user-friendly, free study websites in order to help you study for math, science, literature—you name it! Good luck with the last few days of exams, Tigers! You've got this. 

Ah, SparkNotes. Don’t deny it—we’ve all used it from time to time to “read” that book that we have no time to actually read. It can definitely come in handy during finals week—having finals over books can be a challenge (there’s no way anyone will have time to read the entire book again), but SparkNotes is here for you. Use it to review themes, plot, and important quotes. It also has a bunch of fun articles and videos for when you need a study break.  

SparkNotes is great for English classes, but Quizlet is your go-to for anything and everything. It gives you access to an endless amount of study sets made by other users, testing everything from mathematical equations to Spanish vocabulary. With an easy-to-create account, you can even make your own study sets. Whatever you need to cram for, Quizlet’s got you covered.


GradeSaver is in the same vein as Sparknotes—while it unfortunately doesn’t have any fun activities, I’ve used it to find some more contemporary books that SparkNotes doesn’t have. It can also be used as a SparkNotes supplement—if you really just don’t get that really important passage in that super dense novel, reading a second analysis of it can certainly help.

Whether you need math pointers or help translating Shakespeare, you can use Shmoop, full of comically written learning guides for a variety of subjects. No reason why you can’t have a little laugh while learning calculus. Shmoop gives you some light-hearted, much needed advice.