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Steps to De-Stress: Finals

Finals are a necessary evil in the wild experience that is college, but there are ways that you can make finals a bit more bearable. Here are some helpful and simple ways that you can spice up your finals week and power through to winter break!

Plan something to look forward to

Plan something fun to do or eat after your final. Whether that’s going shopping, hanging out with friends, or eating your favorite candy, having something positive to look forward to can get you through even the roughest of finals.

Schedule study breaks

It’s important to take small breaks in your day to maintain productivity. Go for a walk, watch an episode on Netflix, or grab some coffee to refuel; your mind will thank you!

Write down all of your fears for 10 minutes before your exam

Studies show that writing down all of your fears and worries about a test for 10 minutes before your exam can help reduce test anxiety. Try it out to calm down before your exam and get that grade you’ve worked all semester for!


Although it is a super busy time of the year and it’s hard to make time for yourself, working out or even just going for a walk can help to clear your mind and your stress, so plan a set time to exercise and hold yourself accountable!

Have a spontaneous dance party

Get your pals together, crank up the music, sing your heart out, and dance like nobody’s watching. Dancing and letting loose can not only give you a break, but clear your mind for a moment and let you have a good time.

Utilize these tips to not only kill it on your finals, but have a great (or at least bearable) time doing so! As soon as you know it, you’ll be on your way home and completely stress-free.

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