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The weather is getting warmer, the vaccines activating, and the seasons are changing! And with the new air comes new makeup inspiration. Personally, I have been focusing on the eyes because our beloved masks are still in action! SO I wanted to share some of my personal favorite spring-y eye makeup looks to get you excited for the new season!

Peachy eyes and matching lips with thick eyeliner

Ok I know, I know–– peach is a basic color for spring. BUT the matching eyes and lips are just too beautiful and stunning to pass up. The thick black liner adds an elegant touch that lifts the look up to another level, aided by the fluffy lashes (a dark brown liner would give a softer look that would be absolutely incredible). This whole look has the perfect mix of harsh and soft, making it ideal for the transition time from winter (that seems to be never-ending) and the new season. I’m also obsessed with glowy skin/cheeks but have not mastered the act of keeping it locked in while wearing a mask!

Rosy lips and pop on the eyes

WOW–– the perfect rosy lip color that is absolutely PERFECT for spring. And the matching pop of color on the center of the eye? With a touch of sparkle? This dark, blue-toned pink is one of my absolute favorite lip colors of all time! The lips paired with the upward, lifting shape of the eye makeup creates a refreshing look fitting for the new season! 

Purple, purple, and pink

For the purple lovers out there! This color palette reminds me of beautiful tulips springing up in the sunlight–– purple on either side with a little surprise of pink in the middle! This eye makeup with a black mask to draw further attention to the eyes… yes. Imagine blinding people with sparkle as you pass by–– magical, truly. 

Lindsey is a senior Economics major at DePauw, with a minor in Classical Studies. When she's not doing work, she loves to cuddle up with a blanket and a glass of milk.
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