Sophomore: Xavier Fuller

Xavier Fuller is a Sophomore at DePauw University from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He is also apart of many DePauw organizations. He is a swimmer, admission ambassador, Prism leadership Program treasure, CDI intern and a modern languages major with a possible double minor in either psychology or computer science. I sat down with Xavier this week to discuss how he manages his time effectively and manages to accomplish all of his work. 


HC: How do you manage two-a-day swim practices with all of your classes all in one day?

XF: Well a typical day for me would be waking up at 5 am for morning swim practice, after practice I have about 4 hours before my classes so I usually do my homework and get ahead on a lot of my work. After my classes I go to afternoon practice often followed by more meetings later in the night. I am able to manage my time because swimming has me awake really early allowing for me to have a couple hours to do my homework in the mornings.


HC: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about swimming?

XF: My favorite thing about swimming would be the team itself and traveling with the team because we are all pretty good friends so it makes swimming a lot of fun. My least favorite thing would be the training it hurts and is often painful but it keeps me in good shape. 


HC: Tell me about your major and how it helps you in other aspects of your life?

XF: A modern languages major is a major in one modern language (French, Spanish, Italian) and then a minor in another modern language. I am majoring in French with a minor in Spanish. I also am deciding if I want to double major in psychology or computer science. I chose this major because language really interest me, I find them to be really fun to learn. This major will help me in my future endeavors of going into the field of counseling or communication where I would be traveling. 


HC: What is being a CDI intern like?

XF: The CDI is a great space to have and utilize on campus because it is connected to a lot of student organizations that expose you to variety of groups of people. I spend my Thursday evenings there studying and closing it down for the night. This space connects a lot of organizations and groups together which allows for a very inclusive space to be created.


HC: What is the Prism Leadership Program and what does it have to offer to students at DePauw?

XF: It is a student organization connected to the CDI that creates events and spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community at DePauw. This past September the Prism Leadership group put on DePride in downtown Greencastle which helps to connect the DePauw LGBTQIA+ community with the local Greencastle LGBTQIA+ community. 


HC: What is an admissions ambassador and how does it connect prospective students with the DePauw community?

XF: My job provides me with many opportunities to connect face to face with most of the prospective students coming to DePauw. I drive people to and from the Airport and Indy. I talk with the prospective students about my DePauw experiences as well as classes and teachers. This job also connects with the CDI because most of the international students go through there. Also as a swimmer, I often interact with recruits so I am able to tell them about all the things DePauw has to offer.


HC: Do you often find yourself overwhelmed doing so many things or is it more rewarding being so active in the DePauw community?

XF: I currently have a perfect balance of extracurriculars and academics so I am not stressed out because I am able to properly manage my time. I am busy but if you like being busy it will all work out because its all with your attitude, you have to have a positive outlook.