An Open Letter to New Sorority Women

Dear New Sorority Women,

It has been two years, but it feels like just yesterday I was in your position. I came into Greek life with a lot of skepticism. No one else in my family had ever participated in the Greek system, so I did not have a lot of background information on what I was getting myself into. Growing up, I could never picture myself in the shoes of a sorority woman. I didn’t feel like I could ever fit the part socially, appearance wise or financially. I already felt that I had found my people at DePauw, so what was the point in giving up three days of my Winter Break to try to make friends that I was going to have to pay for? Despite my reluctance, some upperclass women convinced me to give the recruitment process a shot. Even after running home on Bid Night, I was not sold on my newest commitment. What was this sorority stuff all about? I understood that the 100-something other women alongside me were supposed to be my closest friends now, but why? What was our greater, unified purpose?

Photo by Megan Davis

I soon learned that becoming a member of a sorority would be one of the most meaningful decisions I would make at DePauw. The active members of my house took in my timid, introvert self and helped me rise up to be a strong, confident leader in our house and at DePauw. My sisterhood turned out to be more than idealistic words and silly chants. The friendships I began to make were true, supportive and healthy. The more I bought into my new sisterhood, the more I seemed to get out of it. During our first few weeks as members, my new member class and I would joking call each other “sister” as we passed each other on campus. Now when we use this term, we understand the sincere meaning it holds in our hearts.

Photo by Tori Flowers

Rather or not you felt, or are currently feeling, skepticism, you should know how special this opportunity can be for you. The next three and a half years have the potential to be the most meaningful and impactful years of your life thus far. When else are you going to have the opportunity to build yourself up in the presence of 100+ other women who are eager to watch you grow into the best version of yourself? Two years ago, I would have never imagined gushing about my sorority experience on an online blog. Now, I cannot imagine what my DePauw experience would have looked like without my sisters picking me up whenever I began to fall.

Photo by Hoosier Heights Indianapolis

My sorority helped shape me into the best image of myself. Although graduation is still a comforting three semesters away for me, I know that I will feel prepared going into the real world because of the skills I have gained through my Greek leadership experiences. My sisters encouraged me to run for executive positions I did not think I was qualified for, apply for jobs I felt nervous about, and take classes that seemed intimidating to me. These women have showed me qualities about myself that I had not been able to see before.

Photo by Jodie Hutchins

It’s okay to feel unsure about this new journey you are beginning. I was there too. But I encourage you to give your new sisters a chance, because they’re just as nervous about you liking them as you are about them liking you! This being said, get ready for the experience of a lifetime. Typically, you only have four years to be a collegiate sorority member. Although this experience has the potential to last a lifetime, I encourage you to chase opportunities starting now. You were chosen as a member of your house because the women believe you can help them grow. Believe in yourself, because you already have dozens of women cheering you on.

Best of luck,