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This week we sat down with Norah Song. Norah had an internship with a music management company this summer in Shanghai.  

Her Campus: Hi Norah! So what did you do for your internship on a day to day basis? 

Norah Song: I managed social media accounts for top 100 DJs and I wrote articles for the company’s news blog.

HC: What was your favorite part or a highlight? 

NS: The highlight of my internship was that I could work with the managers of my favorite DJs. They sent me news and other things to post on social media, etc. I also happened to be working there when people were voting for DJ Mag’s “Top 100 DJs List.” It was fun to help the DJs get votes from their Asian fans.

HC: What did you learn from your experience? 

NS: What I think I’ve learned the most was that teamwork is very important. My supervisor let me work on news articles alone, but the articles had to be in two languages. It was hard for me to do all of those things by myself, so I had to reach out to other interns. We split the work up to make it easier. In the end, we had one person looking for news, one person writing about it and one person to translate and proofread. I really learned the importance of working with others.

HC: Thank you Norah!

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