Meet Carson Janes ’22 : Leader for Meditation Club

This week, I had the chance to talk to one of my good friends Carson Janes. Carson is a first-year student from Fishers, Indiana. She is an Honor Scholar and is thinking about majoring in Political Science. At the moment, she is one of the presidents of Meditation Club, so I decided to ask her more about it.

Her Campus: Hi Carson! Thank you for agreeing to speak with me today. What is Meditation Club?

Carson Janes: Meditation Club is a club that meets every Sunday at 2 p.m at the Center for Spiritual Life. We meditate together, either being led by a guest or student, and reflect on that day, that week, that year, etc. It’s an excellent opportunity to really just stop and ponder where you’re at in life. You don’t get many opportunities like that.

HC: How has your year been overall with this club?

CJ: Overall, this year has been an amazing experience. I had never even tried meditation before coming to campus this year, but I became involved in the club first semester because it’s a great way to de-stress. I was thrilled to hear that I had been selected to be on the board this semester, and it’s been very rewarding.

HC: That’s great to hear. What exactly is your role as the president?

CJ: As one of the leaders of Meditation Club, I run our Instagram (@dpumeditationclub), create flyers, and communicate with speakers brought in by the club.

HC: What was your favorite experience so far?

CJ: My favorite experience so far has been bringing the Buddhist monks to campus; it was so great to hear about their culture and watch them create the beautiful sand mandala!

HC: That sounds amazing! On the other hand, what was the most difficult experience?

CJ: The most difficult experience this year was at the beginning of this semester; we were struggling to bring new students in to the club. Thankfully, with the help of the events that we’ve sponsored and the speakers coming in, we’re experiencing greater attendance to our meetings.

HC: It was great getting to talk to you! Thank you for your time!