Popped Popcorn

Late Night Snack Hacks

It’s 9:00 p.m. and you’re finding that you’re hungry again. The problem is, you already had dinner a couple of hours ago and you don’t know if you’re hungry enough or motivated enough to make another full meal. Besides, it’s not dinner time, its late-night snack time. Whether you’re staying up late working on schoolwork, catching up on shows or hanging out with your friends, there always comes a point in time when you realize, ‘wow I’m hungry’ and get to search through your fridge and cabinets for a delicious mix of snacks that will fulfill your greatest snack desires, while making sure you’re not scarfing down 5,000 calories late at night.


These are my best late-night snacks that are both tasty and healthy!

  1. 1. Popcorn

    Popcorn that avoids too much oil, salt or butter is a healthy snack that is low in fat and sodium. It’s light and filling, lasts for a while, and can be eaten quickly or slowly munched on over longer periods of time. Healthy popcorn prepared properly can be a good source of antioxidants and can also support digestion! It also never disappoints, so this is my go-to late-night snack.

  2. 2. Berries

    Berries provide your body with vitamins and minerals and also help satisfy your late-night sweet tooth. They are truly natures candy and are a great alternative for those who love gummies and other processed sweets.

  3. 3. Cereal and Milk

    Cereal with milk is a delicious, filling late-night snack. If you substitute sugary cereals for a less sugary alternative and substitute whole milk for a milk alternative like almond or oat milk you can make this typical breakfast meal into your go-to late-night snack.

    Pro tip: Stick to cereals made with whole grains and natural ingredients as a healthier option.

  4. 4. Smoothies

    Smoothies require a little bit more work than some of the other snacks, but in this case, the reward is worth a little bit of work for such a delicious concoction! Depending on what you put in your smoothie, you can make it as nutritious and delicious as you want. My favorite smoothie recipe is kale, spinach, apple juice, and bananas!

  5. 5. Dark Chocolate

    You can’t go wrong with chocolate, and I am a strong believer that there is no such thing as too much chocolate, but if you don’t want to feel too guilty after indulging in a chocolate fest late at night— dark chocolate is the choice for you. Dark chocolate packs more antioxidants than milk chocolate and tastes just as good, if not better (in my humble opinion). Feel free to not just stick to dark chocolate but get dark chocolate with peanut butter, caramel, almonds or anything else your chocolate-loving heart desires.

  6. 6. Apples and Peanut Butter

    Apples with your favorite peanut butter are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Whether you want Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious or any other fantastic kind of apple, you can’t go wrong pairing it with your favorite peanut butter. Or if you don’t want peanut butter pair it with almond butter or cashew butter. All kinds of nut butter are great so feel free to mix it up when you are pairing your apple and nut butter. 

No matter what you are in the mood for when your late-night snack craving hits, there is a healthy-ish snack that will satisfy your late-night hunger.


Also not every late-night snack has to be healthy. Feel free to indulge in any snack that your heart desires— because you deserve it. As long as what you are eating makes you feel happy then do what is best for you.