How Covid Has Made Me Better!

Hello, everyone :) My last article was me talking about how nervous I am to go back to school. Now that I’m back, I thought I would write a follow-up article talking about some of the ways COVID-19 has positively changed my life. Now let me be straight up, COVID has taken a lot from all of us, and this article is not me saying I am glad it happened. BUT, in these new times, it is important to remain positive, so I want to do just that today. Here’s a list of some of the ways I feel I have grown and benefitted from the changes caused by COVID. 

  1. 1. I spend more time outside

    It is highly encouraged that activities with people not in your pod should be socially distant and outside. I have been lucky enough to have gorgeous weather these last few weeks and as a result, am spending way more time enjoying nature! Whether it is studying outside, walking through our nature park, or just hanging with friends, I have been able to be outside so much more. 

  2. 2. I appreciate my loved ones more

    As the famous phrase says, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Not being able to see my loved ones in person and having to talk to them virtually has made me appreciate them so much more. Virtual relationships also take more work to cultivate, and the pandemic has really shown me who cares about me. The relationships that have lasted through 2020 are the ones I know are strong. 

  3. 3. I learned my priorities

    When everything changed, I really learned what is most important to me. I learned how much I value my education, and now that I’m back at school having class in person, I know school is a much higher priority than I previously thought. My family and friends are obviously important to me. My health and safety are something I undervalued before COVID. All of this has changed my perspective on my life in many different ways. 

In summary, as horrible as Covid has been, I’ve learned a lot. I think that it is important to look at the positives and analyze how we have grown through hardship. I know that I like who I am now, and I would not be this way without the pandemic. Despite all the hardship, there have been some positives that I would not change.