The Best Essential Oils You Can Buy, Period

Okay, I know this sounds kitschy and like I’m trying to be ~cool~ and ~alternative~ and ~anti-Western medicine~ but I’m not. I firmly believe in the powers of medicine (hello, go read Volume III of my anxiety escapades), but essential oils are a beautiful way to boost your mood or make you feel restored. I started using essential oils, ironically, when I got diagnosed with anxiety based on my therapist’s recommendation, and I haven’t stopped using them since. I even have a tiny oil diffuser in my room at college! Below, I’ll rank my fave oils and tell you some quick and fun fast facts about each one. Bottom line: essential oils are great, and they smell SO. FREAKING. GOOD.

  1. 1. Awake

    The Awake essential oil by Chesapeake Bay is my absolute FAVORITE! With a sweet and tangy blend of orange, ginger, and tangerine, this oil really jump-starts my day and gets me ready to take on anything. With mood-enhancing orange and tangerine, coupled with the “oil of empowerment”: ginger, this scent is sure to help you start your off day right.

  2. 2. Uplift

    What can I say, I guess I’m just a big fan of the citrus oils! This classic scent is called Uplift, and it’s a simple sweet orange oil that smells amazing and gets my happy juices flowin’.

  3. 3. Peppermint

    Next up is peppermint oil! Peppermint oil is kind of the superfood of essential oils because there are a billion things it can help with, like alleviating headaches and nausea, improving skin health, promoting hair growth, naturally repelling bugs, and overall just having a very soothing scent. Rub a little of this behind your ears or across your forehead and smell like Christmas all day long!

  4. 4. Lavender

    What would this list be without the cult classic lavender oil? Soothing and floral, lavender oil is perfect for winding down from a long day or for a little bit of ~me time~ to relax and restore. Not only does lavender support mental well-being, it’s also a great natural air freshener and can help improve sleep! Put a few drops of lavender oil in that diffuser before bed and you’ll be drifting off in no time.

This review, although by no means comprehensive or very extensive, is mostly meant to serve as a guide as you, my sweet readers, take your first (or millionth) step into the world of essential oils. I love them, and I hope maybe y’all will be inspired to try them out and love them too!