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Anna Schultz-Girl Looking Through Closet
Anna Schultz-Girl Looking Through Closet
Anna Schultz / Her Campus
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePauw chapter.

Okay, so it has recently come to my attention that people don’t shop at TJ Maxx…? What?! 

Literally, TJ Maxx is my home.  I am there 24/7. I spent over half of my graduation money at TJ Maxx.  It’s my favorite place on earth.  

They have brand name items for so cheap.  Like I haven’t shopped at Ulta or Sephora in years. So, I figured today, I would take you along with me procrastinating to look at some amazing TJ finds: online version. (I suggest going to the store though, it’s like a treasure hunt—  you never know what you’re going to find).

This Free People Top

Y’all… This Free People Top is only $24.99, and the original price is $40.  I’m telling you, why buy full price when this option exists??

This Betsey Johnson Purse

Literally, what? $40…. For a designer purse. 

Yogalicious Leggings

Literally, the best leggings. I swear they’re an underrated dupe of Lululemons. They’re so soft and silky and fit your body perfectly.  Check them out if you want a new fav pair of leggings for literally the eighth of a price of Lulus.

An Amazing Pair of Levis!

…For only $20.  Say no more.

A Beauty Blender

Among the amazing beauty items they have, behold the discounted beauty blender. 

I hope this article gave you one of many reasons to check out TJ Maxx.  Literally, why ever pay full price?

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