Why You Should Feel Optimistic About Spring Quarter

Oh, April. How we’ve missed you.

Signs of spring have teased us DePaul students, and whether or not you had an exotic beach spring break vacation or staycation, we’ve all been a little antsy for a new quarter.

Let’s be honest, winter quarter sucked. It always does. You’re stuck in your room all day, you feel like you can’t get anything done, and all you want is for your heat to be fixed and working during the polar vortex. Have no fear, DePaulians! Sunny days are ahead and this is why you should step into spring on the right foot:

Photo Courtesy of Jana Martish

It’s Warmer, Duh

Nothing like 50 degrees to get your spirits up. The sun is starting to shine, birds are chirping, buds are sprouting, and days feel longer, so you can get more shit done! It also means more going out and meeting people. Go make friends—it’s nice out!

New Quarter, Better Classes

We’ve drudged through our harder winter classes hoping that spring quarter would be a very nice reward after all that cramming and staying indoors. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these last couple of months.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Summer is Ahead

Whether you have big plans for summer studying abroad, starting a new job, graduating, beginning an internship, or just hanging out with friends and family, you have a big break ahead of you, so push through and enjoy it!

More Motivation, Less Excuses

“It’s too cold to walk to the gym,” is a common phrase I hear around campus, but now you can’t make excuses to do anything but because it’s beautiful out and the day is long. Make the changes you want to see in yourself and get to it.

We all need that extra push to get us started and there are no reasons to be bummed about spring coming our way! We’re here, we’re ready, and we will have the best spring quarter ever.