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As Temperature Decreases Our Morning Motivation Should Do The Opposite!

Don’t let the coldness keep you inside mentally, emotionally and physically. Here are some things I do to combat this year’s seasonal sadness!

The cold weather is starting to become the reason to keep some of us indoors at home more often. Many of us are starting to choose staying under those warm covers instead of staying active. I mean…I get it, I was starting to do it too. But in my opinion, I think this time of the season we should be taking care of our mentality more. I have heard the term “seasonal depression” as an obstacle for those to even get out of the house and for that I am writing this article. 

Last year, I was a person who would constantly feel tired and have no motivation to get out of bed as the days seemed shorter and colder. I started to feel more moody and less optimistic with doing my responsibilities and going out. My beauties, let me tell you, don’t do this to yourself!! I wanted to change these obstacles of mine to a more uplifting and energetic lifestyle routine by doing a few changes in my morning routines. 

First, get yourself out of bed the minute you find that little motivation to get out of that warm cocoon. Before, I would stay in bed and attach myself to my phone screen which lead me to lose the focus I had to get up and start my day. Instead of staying in bed with that hypnotizing screen, I started to stretch; leg to leg, arm to arm and just STRETCH! Reminding yourself to stretch awakens your muscles and your mind to think that it’s time to get up. 

If you don’t have some sort of skin care or self-care routine, I would advise you to develop one! Before, when I didn’t have a skin care routine, I felt icky as my skin was just not getting the care it needed. As the weather is getting colder, it is also getting dryer. That should be a warning to you all peeps! Moisturize your skin, I promise you! It’ll help motivate one to wake up and walk outside with moisturized and healthy skin! 

Third, set aside ten minutes each morning for you to meditate. During this time keep your phones away from you and honestly just stare into thin air. Closing your eyes is also good too! These ten minutes should be used to collect your thoughts and build a mental agenda of what your goals and chores are for that day. Or instead of just thinking, just sit comfortably, eyes closed and just listen and feel your breathing. This action is so relaxing, just remembering to breathe. We’re individuals who are always on the go and never feel like we can have a few minutes to ourselves. As we spent more time inside, we should also spend more time to collect our thoughts and feelings. This has helped me gather motivation to get up out of bed and be productive even if the season is getting colder and the days get shorter.

Another tip that I have for you beauties, is to drink coffee or tea in a cute coffee mug. I don’t know about you guys, but when I drink out of a cute coffee mug, I feel like I’m posing for a pinterest picture. LOL. Some coffee mugs that I have are from places like Christkindl Market, Melrose Park’s Hispanic Festival, or just cute mugs that I’ve been gifted before. Feeling cute and having something warm in the morning is the way to go!

I hope these tips will help you lovelies to combat the seasonal sadness that you might feel creeping on you, due to the weather and time change. Till next time! 

Happy self-care! <3

Odalys Diaz

DePaul '21

I am a full time student fascinated by the world of makeup, hair, and many books! My love for nature has me outside just enjoying the air or taking walks to different destinations.
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