Summer Breeze Can Boost Brain Power

If you have never sat outside to do your homework, you are missing out. Going outside gives your body that rejuvenating summer breeze it needs. Studying in an atmosphere filled with laughter and cheerfulness is an amazing way to bring your creativity to light. Being outside clears your mind and freshens your perspective. Photo Courtesy of Carol Spinski Photography

Here are four benefits to get you out the door:

1. Decreased stress levels: When serotonin is released in the brain, it gives you the feeling of safety and clarity. Spending time outdoors boosts your brain's production of serotonin. 

2. Increased motivation: Surrounding yourself in a clean and green space helps stimulate motivation. Fresh air helps give you a fresh attitude about your life. 

3. Boost your communication skills: Being around other students in the quad can help encourage genuine conversations and friendships. 

4. Get connected in nature: when you increase your mindfulness about these spaces, you will feel more motivated in promoting recycling and caring for the planet

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

There is something magical about being outside and doing your work. Personally, I have seen an enormous difference in spending time in outdoor spaces, and you should too!