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Spring Break? Low-Key Is Fine With Me

For DePaul students, Week 1 of Spring Quarter marks the beginning of the end. While we’re relieved to be in the home stretch of summer vacation — *HEAVY BREATHING* “ONLY…ONE…MORE…QUARTER…TO…GO!” — the idea of starting all over again can be disheartening. — After all, we practically just finished finals. Do we really need to go through this again?!

Week 1 is a struggle on its own. But, having to get “Back to the Grind” after living it up in paradise for a week during spring break? That’s tragic. As someone who spent spring break at home — not in Florida, partying, or on a yacht, cruising — I have embraced my harsh reality: I am fully prepared to take on the emotionally and academically demanding quarter ahead. As for Rebecca who just got back from the tropics? Well…

Here are five reasons why having a low-key spring break is actually the best.

1. The Midwest’s unforgiving climate won’t phase you. You just spent a week in Wisconsin, chilled to the bone. Yes, it’s almost April, and snow is still in the forecast. So what? I hope you savored your 80-degree days of bliss.


2. You won’t have to deal with a pesky sunburn. Showing up to school the day after a break is a pretty good teller of who went away and who didn’t. While having a tan is nice, having a sunburn is not. You just saved yourself from sun damage. You’re welcome.


3. You won’t have that after-vacation guilt of not spending enough you-time. If you have the opportunity to travel, of course you’ll want to take advantage of all the thrilling excursions the city has to offer. However, if your itinerary was jam-packed, you may find yourself regretting going on that four hour-long tour (okay, those three, four hour-long tours) of historical landmarks. All you really wanted to do was sleep and put on a face mask.


5. Returning to academia isn’t so bad, because you worked. You felt the satisfaction accompanied by earning money, helping out with chores, applying for jobs, or crossing something else off your to-do list. Writing that two page paper assigned after your first class will be a piece of cake…hopefully.


6. You got to spend quality time with your friends and family back home. You had those priceless moments of reuniting with your best friend, being greeted at the door by your dog, and lovingly teasing your family members. Most importantly, your memories from spring break will be with the people who matter most to you, in the same place you’ve shared countless experiences together.


Erin Hughes

DePaul '21

Erin Mary Hughes studies Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies at DePaul University. When she’s not writing for Her Campus, you can find her painting, volunteering with DePaul Community Service Association, and educating others about her home state, Wisconsin. 
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