A Playlist That Will Actually Help You Focus For Midterms

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve got a hundred things to do in a week, it can be hard to focus.  Between catching up on the 20 readings I never took notes on and trying to write a paper on something I quite frankly don’t understand, my brain can feel like it’s going to explode. I often find myself just listening to music I know and enjoy yet it never fails to distract me. While you should definitely treat yourself to your favorite bops once you’re done studying, here are some songs that will get your brain ready to work.  

Link to Spotify playlist

“April” by Imaginary Future

“Winter” by Kina Grannis​

“In a Week” by Hozier

“Varúð” by Sigur Ros​

“Nashville” by David Mead

“Strange Things Will Happen” by The Radio Dept.

“Madeline by Nick Santino”​

“Alice” by Pogo

“Waiting for You” by Isobel Anderson

“Mystery of Love” Sufjan Stevens

(Yes, you might get super sad but you’re studying so aren’t you already?)