A Passioned Letter to People On How to Walk

Being from the tri-state area, we are constantly on the go and that requires fast walking. I am always the person who races to class just simply because I walk so quickly. I have recently been irritated by people who choose to walk slow and ruin my pace. Here are some things to know about the act of walking:


1. NEVER Move for a Man

If you haven’t noticed already, men will refuse to move out of the way for women when walking on the street. When a man is walking towards you, he expects you to be the one to move. I still fall into this trap today, but let me tell you slamming into a man is better than letting him win.

2. DO NOT Block People From Getting Around You

I get it. You just want to walk at a normal pace, no rush. However, do not block the entire sidewalk or escalator. Some people may be late or need to make a train and it just ruins their day.

3. DO NOT Creep Up Behind People For a Long Period of Time

This is only acceptable when the person will not let you around them. Other than this, it is just unexplainably creepy to have someone walking so close they can grab your butt. Being in uncomfortable proximity to a stranger might make me become an easy target for theft. Overall, not cool.

4. DO NOT Hold Eye Contact With Someone for Long Periods of Time

Ok, I break this rule A LOT. I just have poor eyesight and I try and look to see if I notice the person and by the time I realize I don’t, I have created a staring contest. So, I suggest for the sake of preserving peace, just look for like a solid 2 seconds.