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My Experience with Astral Projection

After looking back on a strange dream a couple of months back, I realized I may have astral projected. This weird experience provided me with closure on a past relationship.

This past week I was listening to my usual podcast in the shower, “Girls Gotta Eat,” as they discussed sexual auras. I always tend to zone in and out when listening; however, one conversation struck me. The expert they brought on the show began discussing sex dreams but more importantly, astral projection. Astral projection is usually a term that is thrown out there but no one really seems to pay attention to or care what it is. 

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So what exactly is astral projection?

The podcast described astral projection as dreams where two people can actually meet up in a parallel universe. These dreams always feel more vivid or more real. The true test if a person astral projected or not is usually the person you existed in the dream with will contact you a few days later or you’ll receive a sign from the universe.

In my research, I found that astral projecting comes from an ancient idea that when we dream we travel through different astral planes. Astral projection is meeting someone you know on one of those planes while sleeping. Astral projection can be both intentional or triggered by traumatic events or other factors. 

This practice is used by a range of people, some use it to visualize an outcome in life, others to cure a fear of death, or for the benefits it has on muscle memory. 

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A couple of months ago, during the beginning of quarantine, I had an intensely vivid dream with my ex-boyfriend. We met at this church, with his family, and I remember laughing and having a good time. I woke up the next day, still able to remember every detail, which is extremely uncommon for dreams. 

The weirdest part was two days later I received a text message from my ex asking how I was doing during the pandemic. This text was completely out of the blue, given our relationship was far from healthy. As I reflect on this moment months later, I realize that I could have possibly astral projected in that dream. 

The clues all make sense given that the dream was really vivid and he reached out to me days later. I discussed it with my friends and some of them remain skeptical, saying I was reading too much into it. Others told me it was interesting and wondered if they also had astral projected themselves.

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Regardless if we astral project or not, this dream and the fact he reached out to me was probably one of the few moments in my life that not only caught me off guard but took immense strength. 

Every ounce of me wanted to reach back out to him regardless of the way he treated me. I also had no idea that this would be the last time he ever would reach out. He is dating someone else and for that, I wish them well. It was the weirdest form of closure I could have ever asked for. 


Hi! My name Georgia Coriell and I am sophomore at DePaul. I am studying Communication and Media with a minor in Television Production. In my free time, I enjoy watching Netflix, listening to music, writing, and taking photos.
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