Midterms As Told By the Cast of Big Brother

It’s been a week since Paul got second place for the second time. Hopefully he has begun to recover from the disappointing finale night results. Living in the BB house makes you crazy, and I give him props for making it to the end two summers in a row.

While you aren’t stuck in one house with 14 strangers in college, your stress level definitely reaches BB heights. Especially during midterms. Here’s midterms as told by the cast of Big Brother.

When your professor mentions a 10-page paper due next class you don’t remember being assigned.

Then the professor in your next class assigns a group project.

And the kid that never comes to class is in your group.

So you try to make friends with them.

When you enter the midterm exam for your “easy” class.


And you don’t know a single answer on the first page.

When your group members haven’t responded to your emails, group chats and Facebook messages.

And when one of your group members does, they suggest “winging” the 30 minute presentation.

But everyone else in your group agrees.

Midterms is rough. But if Paul can make it through two summers in the BB house. You can make it through finals… But hopefully you have a better result at the end than he did.