Get to Know Jill O’Mahony Stewart



Photo Courtesy of DePaul University 

To truly love a subject, one must have passion and inspiration, both of which come in the form of Jill O’Mahony Stewart. As a professor at DePaul, Stewart is able to provide wisdom to every student in her class, from asking the famous, “What’s in the news?” to giving “real life” examples of the public relations field she has faced. Stewart explained on the first day of my PRAD 255 class that after the quarter students will either love public relations or hate it, and because of Stewart’s own passion for public relations, I found mine as well.

Who are you?

Jill O’Mahony Stewart is currently a professor at DePaul and has been for 10 years. Her classes include: intro to public relations, acing the writing test, and improving interpersonal dynamics. Before her teaching career, she worked in multiple public relations firms. With two master's degrees and the label of a Double Demon, she truly encompasses what it means to be a part of DePaul.

Who inspires you?

When asked who inspires her, Stewart had three distinct answers: “People with integrity. People who make tough choices. People who are honest.”

What are you scared of?

The things that life throws at you that you can’t control encompass the only things that scare Stewart.

Where have you been?

The places Stewart have been almost outweigh the places she has not. Traveled to Pittsburgh and Meadville, Pennsylvania, Boston, Massachusetts, Chicago, Illinois, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Tokyo, Dhaka, Mexico, the Bahamas, Florence, and Venice. Out of all of these locations, she has spent most of her professional life in Chicago, even though Amsterdam, Paris, and Italy take on the roles of her favorite places.

Where are you now?

Jill O’Mahony Stewart is currently on the verge of her second retirement, beginning to cut down on her teaching to part time and continue to explore the world and forge a new path with this big life change.

Where are you going?

In the short term, Stewart will be going on a “Mooch Fest” in which she and her husband will take a road trip throughout the Northeastern United States all the way to Maine to visit friends and family. During this, Stewart will be focused on “telling stories and laughing” with those she loves most. Until then, however, she will be working with clients and a job in July, and gearing up for “Mooch Fest.”