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Anxiety, low self-esteem, stress, etc. I can go on and on. It seems like people have been stressed out and more worried about their future. I know I am. Everyone has this huge lack of self-esteem that is taunting. Yes, it is hard to ignore our fears but it is a part of life.


Here’s the thing, people are going to be there for you but sometimes it does not feel like it. It’s your life, your choice. Everyone should do what they want to do because that is how they are going to be not only successful, but happy. 


There have been people who are that supportive but I am still going for it even if there may be some consequences. Always have a plan A and a plan B because sometimes it can be nerve-wracking and you can’t always get what you want right away no matter how hard you try. And yes, that sounds harsh but in the beginning, it’s all about learning, having the experience and gaining new skills/ knowledge. 

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For example, your future career. I changed my major 4 times because it was difficult to figure out what I am truly passionate about. After working, having internships (most of them are unpaid but remember it is the skills and knowledge that you gain), writing research papers, being involved in school big time, I figured it out. 


You just have to go for it despite the circumstances. People should do what they want to do because that is how you are doing to be successful. But, remember it is not just going to come to you. It’s your task to go for it.

Hi, I'm Safa! I am currently an undergraduate student at DePaul University. I've loved reading and writing articles. Besides writing, I love reading books, trying new things ( Usually food and coffee) visiting places, and hanging out with friends.
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