The DePlague is Here and You Have It

There’s something flying around campus and CONGRATS you have the DePlague. Feeling a bit under the weather lately? Aches, pains, or just a sudden feeling of death? Yeah, you have probably contracted the flu and here’s why the universe hates you right now:


You Are Around Too Many People

New quarter means changing your social habits—getting “out there more”. Partying, getting stuck on a rush hour train, or just sitting next to the wrong person in class will do no favors to your physical health. Let’s be real, we really wanna snuggle in bed and watch Netflix all day anyway, why sacrifice your health with going out into the real world?


You’re Disgusting

Did you forget to wash your hands that one time? Maybe you’re coming down with something and it just hasn’t hit you yet. This isn’t preschool—wash your hands and do us all a favor. Cough into your elbow and please, keep all other bodily fluids at home where no one else will become contaminated.



You Try to Eat Healthily

Eating healthy means unwashed fruit and veg that can be tainted with loads of germs and Norovirus. Do yourself a favor and pay attention to the food you eat. Bacteria builds on unwashed or not properly prepared foods. Why does the new year do you so bad? New diets aren’t for everyone I guess.


You Go to Class

Pushing that 8 am philosophy class so you can be in bed by 3 might seem ideal, but overworking yourself can be too much. Skip class if you feel off, reboot your system, and take care of yourself. Your body will thank you.

The flu virus is real this time of year. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. Getting sick is your body telling yourself that you need to slow down. Be smart about it and protect others by protecting yourself. Get vaccinated, drink lots of fluids, wash your hands, get good sleep, and take care, Depaul.