COVID-19 as Threat for Someone with Immunodeficiency

Oh yes...I apologize I bring to you another article about the hype that is the CoronaVirus. Up until this week I admit I participated in the jokes, I did not understand the hype or the threat of fear in the United States. As the virus hits the United States, the fear slowly crept in. This is a global pandemic, and though it might not be scary for most, to some it can be extremely life threatening. 

woman wearing mask

I was born IgA deficient or I have an immune deficiency where I do not have enough immunoglobulin A. I used to frequently get ear infections, sinus infections, and I had trouble fighting an everyday cold. As I’ve gotten older my immune system has strengthened immensely, and I am overall in extremely good health. It is never a life-threatening condition and there are people with different types of immunodeficiencies who suffer way worse than I.

When I first heard about the Coronavirus and its effect on the elderly I was sad and empathize but I did not fear for my safety. As numbers have grown, the scariest thing about this virus has been the panic that others have for my safety. I received a text from my mother explaining that I had to pay attention to this virus, and given my immune system I am probably going to get worse symptoms than most. I later received a text from my sister telling me to clean my apartment (TWICE) and to buy a mask. This of course sent me into a mass panic, and I accepted my fate.

It is hard to hear that the population who are most affected by this virus are the elderly and the immunocompromised. I have been told multiple times to not worry because I eat healthy and exercise. The fact of the matter is that my body cannot fight off a virus as easily as the next person. I do not know how my body would or will react to this virus and that can be extremely scary for some.

I ask everyone to wash their hands, to use hand sanitizer, to cover their mouths when they cough because you might see yourself as unaffected but it can be deadly to the next. Please understand the realness of this situation for some, and please stay safe and healthy.

person washing hands