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With the spread of coronavirus, our plans are drastically changing minute by minute. One second we are going back to work in two weeks and now, we really do not know how long it will be until businesses are back up and running. For those with jobs or school being held remotely, it is important not to get sidetracked when working from home. Some of us are wondering what the best ways to stay productive are. No need to search more. Here are the top ways to stay productive while working from home. 


When working from home, designating a specific workspace  is a prime way to stay organized! Whether it be in your at-home office, dining room, or living room, it is helpful to differentiate leisure space from work. When working in a specific spot repeatedly, it will be much easier to stay focused. Setting up a space in your home that is designed to keep you on task will make your days go smooth and help manage your work/life balance.



Communication is key in a time like this. No matter what the situation is, it is always better to over-communicate than not communicate at all! Though you may think it is harder to get in touch with bosses or classmates because there are no in-person meetings, everyone is in the same boat. Because no one can meet in person, video communication tools such as Zoom or FaceTime can be extremely helpful.

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Being inside all day takes a toll on both physical and mental health. Be sure you are taking short breaks throughout the day! Even a fifteen minute snack break can help. We all have had the experience, it’s hard getting out of bed when having to go to work or class. Of course we would rather have that extra half hour of sleep! It is important to have the same routine day to day. Anastasia Kalonji mentioned that  “By maintaining the same habits you had before the change in schedule — however small they may be — you’ll subconsciously prime your mind for work, and maintain a productive lifestyle.”

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FM Apostolos is a senior born and raised in Chicago studying at DePaul University. Majoring in communications, she makes the most of every experience that comes her way. In her free time, she likes to travel, shop and spend time with family.
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